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XD Websites specializes in SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is one of our core areas of expertise and we’ve spent many years and thousands of hours providing excellent SEO services to our clients. We have some of the best SEO consultants in the industry. In the last 6 years, we’ve built a solid team of SEO consultants who have tons of experience, a growing knowledge, motivation, and unwavering dedication. Our own successes in this competitive web design and SEO market is greatly owed to our SEO performance in many ways. Because of the SEO work we’ve applied on our own websites, we’ve been able to out rank the competition in many keywords, and therefore acquire more search engine traffic, which results in more sales.

We practice the same principles to those clients who take part in our monthly SEO maintenance services. The monthly SEO services we offer are completely results driven. We won’t lock you down with ridiculous lengthy contracts. Our SEO packages are month-to-month and you can choose to quit at any time, no questions asked. This is because we have confidence in our ability to generate rock-solid results for your website. All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to show you how we can improve your website’s rankings in the search engines. CALL US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE SEO CONSULTAION at (855) 368-2664 !


What to expect with our Monthly SEO maintenance services:

  • Gain higher rankings in Google and other search engines, in addition to more traffic.
  • Recover your penalized websites if you’ve been affected by the recent Google algorithm changes.
  • Lose the fear of future Google updates.
  • Increase in relevant traffic, improve your ROI.
  • Consistent rankings that last.


Monthly SEO Maintenance Services:

Good SEO results require monthly SEO maintenance. SEO is a process that takes much time and much consistent work in order to give lasting results. A monthly SEO maintenance package is a must if you want to hold your rankings at the top. Not only do we optimize the website for search engines, but we also focus on building high quality links throughout the monthly SEO campaigns. This gives your website the ability to compete with competitive keywords.

  • The monthly SEO subscription is paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly, with no obligations or contracts to continue service.
  • We’re confident you’ll want to continue our service after seeing the results we provide, however we will not remove the links we’ve built if you decide to cancel.


We provide 100% transparency in our SEO methods. This is what we’ll do for you:

  • You receive a random number of back links per day from our network of websites for as long as you use our monthly SEO service. We use a random method to give a natural link building appearance because that’s the way search engines operate.
  • All websites we build links through are chosen by us for quality and authority in order to give you a long lasting ranking benefit.
  • We’re always applying quality control to our network of websites, removing the bad websites, and keeping the good websites, then adding new sources, so that our network is always updated and fresh.
  • We carefully diversify links by choosing every possible platform that allows us to build links without compromising the quality and authority of the sites.
  • Each site is from different IPs and most are from different subnets which tells the search engines that the sites are from different linking sources and servers.
  • We add links to sites with no PR occasionally, that helps the link building look as natural as possible.
  • We build a mixture of Nofollow and Dofollow back links which is proven to be extremely effective.
  • We diversify anchor text on the links, which Google loves. This makes the link building efforts look as natural as possible as well.
  • The number of links we build per day is random, but consistent, again showing natural link building efforts.
  • We create back links to the back links (2 layers) pointing to your main website so that each of the links created for you stay powerful themselves.